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VIOSO Multi-Projection Integration

VIOSO - Code Plugins - Nov 26, 2020

Multi-Projection Integration for Blending and Warping

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VIOSO GmbH is the company which provides the technology for automatic camera-based warping and blending for complex multiprojection installation. VIOSO is one of the leading company in this industry and offers software and hardware solutions for any type of application: entertainment, show, 3D mapping, VR Caves and simulators.  


The software product VIOSO Integrate Plus is a solution which provides easy and straightforward tool to perform the automatic projection calibration ready for Unreal Engine integration. VIOSO Integrate Plus can be used for any type of projection screen shapes, such as flat walls, cylinder shape screens, spherical panadomes or fulldomes, and even screen with irregular random surfaces. It is compatible with all types of projector, brightness, resolutions and lens.  


All you need to do is to export the calibration using MPCDI v2 format and use it right away in the Unreal Engine project.  


Check the short video tutorial


Check the setp-by-step guide


Find answers for your questions in our helpdesk: 


Technical Details

VIOSO Integrate Plus will help you to perform:  

  • Free scale geometry warping, without limitation of adjusting points or mesh 
  • Automatically calculate the softedge blending 
  • 3D model based calibration 
  • Color calibration to match the projector mismatch in colors and brightness 
  • Dynamic warping for perspective correction: using 3D calibration will allow to perform eye point correction in real time even for dynamic eye point (headtracking or motion platforms) 


VIOSO Integrate Plus demo version has NO LIMITATIONs in 

  • Projector resolution 
  • Number of projectors 
  • Features and functionality  
  • Number of clients (servers) for cluster installations 
  • Number of cameras used (multicamera calibration support) 

Demo version of the software will have 30days trial period and display watermarks on the exported calibration.  


Direct link to our website: 



contact us for any support or request a license