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Hero Vision

Mathew81 - Blueprints - May 25, 2022
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X-ray, night vision, thermal vision, underwater, poison, VHS tape, heat haze, saturation post process materials and corresponding blueprints + 13 example maps

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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.


Quick Start VIDEO

This pack contains post process materials and blueprints necessary to create realistic effects for: night vision, thermal vision, x-ray vision (Ultra vision), VHS tape, underwater effects, heat haze effect, saturation, desaturation, poison (drunk). For every post process material, there is at least 1 blueprint which will help you integrate the effect into your project in a few clicks. There are also 13 demo levels in this pack.

All the material instances are very customizable and allows you to change almost everything, from colors to noise scale etc. Some effects come with 2 different materials and material instances for more diversity (for example Thermal Vision) or 2-3 different blueprints with different setups (for example the Night Vision effect has 3 different blueprints which have to be used depending of the light intensity of the scene. There is also a setup for pitch black environments...)

The easiest way to test all the effects is to drag and drop the corresponding blueprint into your level. Some of the effects will work instantly (like Poison Effect, Heat Haze, Underwater Effects) while others have to be activated. (toggled on/of). For example, after you inserted the X-Ray vision blueprint into your level, you will have to press the X key to toggle on/off the effect. The activation key for Night Vision is N, for Thermal Vision is T and Z etc. The example levels contain instructions to use every effect. As you can see in the video, the night vision effect, allows you to highlight meshes from the scene. Render Custom Depth Pass has to be set to TRUE in every mesh or skeletal mesh for the highlight to occur. This is useful if you want to highlight all the enemies during the night vision effect. The highlight strength is a parameter that can tweaked in the material instance of the post process effect.

Render Custom Depth Pass has to be set to TRUE in every mesh or skeletal mesh for the Thermal Vision effect or X Ray effect. Also Custom Depth Stencil Value from the mesh must have a value between 1 and 4 for X Ray to work.

Technical Details


  •  13 blueprints + 10 post process materials + 13 material instances
  •  you can change the existing material instances to modify the existing presets or you can create completely new material instances with different look and appearance
  • the pack contains 13 example maps, one for each blueprint

Number of Blueprints: 13 blueprints

Input: (If any, please include which methods of input are preconfigured (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse... etc.))

Keyboard inputs: N - toggle on/off night vision, T or Z - toggle on/off thermal vision, X - toggle on/off x ray vision, Q and E - toggle on/off saturation and desaturation. All the other effects work instantly as soon as you insert their corresponding blueprints into your level. All inputs can be easily changed from the blueprint with different keys depending of your preferences.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes, Mac: Not Tested

Documentation: To make sure all effects work properly, go to Project Settings / Custom Depth Stencil Pass and set it to Enabled with Stencil (by default is just Enabled). If you don't make this modification, the X-ray effect will not work properly