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Male Cyclist Animated

Code This Lab - Characters - May 20, 2022

Male Cyclist 3D Model

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The model and its accessories, if any, have been created with 3D Studio Max (2018 version) and imported in the Unreal 5.0.1 version with FBX 2018

The Male Cyclist topology is made up of quads and triangles as follows:

-Eyes: 648 polys, 1224 tris, 650 verts

-Eyes Glass: 648 polys, 1224 tris, 650 verts

-Helmet: 998 polys, 1914 tris, 935 verts

-Legs: 412 polys, 824 tris, 436 verts

-Male Head: 1802 polys, 3506 tris, 1970 verts

-Shoes: 844 polys, 1680 tris, 896 verts

-Shorts: 328 polys, 656 tris, 352 verts

-Sunglasses: 164 polys, 328 tris, 178 verts

-T-Shirt: 688 polys, 1376 tris, 718 verts

The Racing Bike topology is made up of quads and triangles as follows:

-Bottle: 76 polys, 148 tris, 80 verts

-Chain: 3600 polys, 7200 tris, 4200 verts

-Crank Arm: 478 polys, 924 tris, 475 verts

-Frame: 677 polys, 1336 tris, 715 verts

-Front Brake: 365 polys, 714 tris, 388 verts

-Front Derailleur: 281 polys, 550 tris, 304 verts

-Front Wheel: 818 polys, 1624 tris, 891 verts

-Handlebar: 1662 polys, 3300 tris, 1761 verts

-Pedals: 268 polys, 504 tris, 256 verts

-Rear Break: 353 polys, 690 tris, 376 verts

-Rear Derailleur: 997 polys, 1948 tris, 984 verts

-Rear Wheel: 1697 polys, 3376 tris, 1785 verts

-Saddle: 459 polys, 910 tris, 503 verts

The scene used in the overview map is the Unreal Engine model of the "Photo Studio" category, modified in our settings to improve the model.

The project includes the Male Cyclist’s 3rd person.

The keys are the following:

W: move forward

A: move left

D: move right

Spacebar: braking

V: victory animation play

Shift: sprint


Texture sizes are from 1024x1024px to 4096x4096px

All textures are in TGA format


The models have been rigged with 3D Studio Max Biped, with additional bones for the face (eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, mouth, jaw) and the accessories (helmet, sunglasses)

The Male Cyclist has 7 animations:



-Pedaling Left and Right Loop

-Pedaling Loop

-Sprint Loop


and SK Male Cylcist A-Pose + SK Racing Bike

The animations are in place

The animation has been crafted (no motion capture)

You can find the animations on our Youtube Channel


Technical Details


- Male Cyclist A-Pose

- Racing Bike

- Maps: Overview, Demo (the demo project includes the Male Cyclist’s 3rd person)

Scaled To Epic Skeleton: Yes (additional bones: Eyes L/R, Eyebrows C/L/R, Eyelids Lower L/R, Upper L/R, Lips L/R, Jaw; Dummy Helmet; Dummy Sunglasses;)

Rigged: Yes

Rigged To Epic Skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Geometry: Quads/Tris

Textures: Yes (Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Roughness)

Materials: Yes

  • Materials Parent (Basic Shape Material, Clothes, Eyes, Eyes Glass, Floor, Frame Saddle Bottle, Gears, Handlebar Brakes, Horizon, Light Panel, Skin, Stage, Sunglasses, Wheels)
  • Materials Instances (Basis Shape Material, Horizon, Stage)