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ROG Modular Medieval Accessories and Robes

Atlant Games - Characters - Jun 9, 2020
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106 items of modular accessories (bracers, gloves, cloaks, shoulders) & robes for low fantasy magical medieval.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.22 - 4.27, 5.0
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

"ROG Modular Medieval Accessories & Robes" is the second part of the full modular armor set we have prepared for our project in development - Reign of Guilds. This is our view of the dark magical Middle Ages in a realistic style.

The first & main part is "Armor & Cloth". These 2 assets complement each other.

Video: Youtube (demo play mode is included).

Demo PlayMode requires the addition of ThirdPerson featured pack!

Please read the FAQ or the entire Documentation.

UPDATE: version 5.0 (beta) (05/05/2022):

  • UE5 support with no UE5 skeleton support;
  • Support for the UE5 skeleton is planned for future updates;

UPDATE: version 4.14 (02/22/2022):

  • (FIX) 61 minor fixes: Robes/Chests/Shirts (ROG_Female, CC_Male, UCCS_Female);
  • (FIX) Helm MorphType selection;

UPDATE: version 4.13 (01/25/2022):

  • 143 minor & major fixes: chests/robes/pants (ALL characters)

Version History (since 4.0)


Armor & accessories models are prepared for these characters from UE4 MarketPlace:

Other useful links:


  • Our assets do not include character's assets, only simplified models without any morph types, textures (for demo);
  • Armor/Cloth models do not have similar “bodyfat” Morphs;
  • Some modular parts are not compatible with another one, you can find all the information in the Documentation;

For decoration necromancer's armor & accessories we used Necro's Bone Box and we are grateful to the Necrophob30 for this asset.

Technical Details


  • 106 accessories & robes items (16x robes, 26x cloaks, 34x shoulders, 11x bracers, 15x gloves, 1x boots, chest, helm, pants for demo);
  • 806 Skeletal Meshes, 438 Static meshes;
  • 64 Material Instances, 3 Master Materials, 1 Material Function;
  •  ~160 PBR textures (2048/4096): Albedo, Normal, ORM;
  • Vertex counts of Skeletal Meshes: Robes (2600-5700), Cloaks (1100-1600, 8000-9000 with fur), Shoulders (350-4200), Bracers (170-1000), Gloves (2200-6500);
  • Number of LODs for all Skeletal & Static Meshes: 4;
  • Cloth simulation: robes & cloaks;

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes (IK bones are included);

Animated: Yes (for demonstration);

Number of Animations: 3 (for demonstration);

Number of characters: 6 (6 full model & cut to 6 body parts of each other) without any morph types, textures;

Demo play mode: 3 Blueprints, 1 map