Drop N Go Heightmaps

Drop'N Go - Heightmaps Vol. 1 brings you new worlds to design with with multiple variations for any of your needs!

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    4.27, 5.0
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    アセット パック
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Drop'N Go - Heightmaps Vol. 1

New worlds to design with with multiple variations for any of your needs!

Maybe you are wondering where to get started next and need a new landscape to establish originality, or maybe you are in a group of developers aiming to create the next massive open world title with an eye for AAA Quality, well this is the pack for you!

This pack comes in 16-bit PNG, RAW for those attempting to jump into a cutting edge project!

This pack has multiple size formats




Demo Maps (Showcasing both PNG/RAW Imported Heightmaps)





It covers a long range of Landscape Types

Mountain Ranges

Small Mountains


Variation Landscapes

Battle Royale Landscapes

Canyon Landscapes

Terrace Landscapes

Custom Dungeon Wing Landscapes

Fissure Landscapes

Landscape Brushes

Dune Landscapes

Custom Overworld created just for this pack! (It's MASSIVE, and you can customize it to your discretion using it as a quick start! You may also request the RAWs after purchase by emailing egalitariastudios@gmail.com, and 8129x8129 Split, adjust Z values to your desire, slot in some additional mountains(?), vroom you go!)



  • PNG
  • 97
  • RAW
  • 34

How to Import Heightmaps(Simplified)

Additional Notes:

Want custom Landscapes to your Titles requirements? Reach out via email at egalitariastudios@gmail.com