Grinding gears and mechanisms

Sound Design Tiedemann - 3月 1, 2021

grinding gear loops and mechanisms for your game

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Grinding gears and mechanisms is an SFX-library heavily focused on gear loops and corresponding mechanisms.

Edited for non-linear use, the gears contain start, loop, and end files.

Next to the gear SFX, the library contains a collection of lever-, lock-, lockpicking- and opening mechanism-SFX.

If you are looking to bring realistic gear and mechanism sounds to your game, be it the gears of a draw bridge or an intricate chest opening, you'll find a fitting sound for it.

Listen to the preview for yourself



  •  105 sounds
  • categories:
  • clear gears (start, loop & end)
  • screeching gears (start, loop & end)
  • mechanical gears (start, loop & end)
  • giant gears (loop)
  • big gear mechanism
  • opening mechanism
  • levers
  • lockpicking (2x loops)
  • jars, screws, and nuts
  • locks 

Number of Audio Waves: 161

Number of Audio Cues: 161

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,1 kHz/24Bit

Do Sound FX loop: contains dedicated seamless loops, marked by name

Minutes of audio provided: 14

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: Sound list

Important/Additional Notes: the sounds with start-, loop-, and end-editing are to be used as the numerical naming suggests (for example: start01 -> loop01 -> end01), to achieve the intended effect.