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VR Physical Hand

VR Physical Hand - 11월 12, 2020

A collection of components and blueprints so you can have VR hands based on physics and a fast and easy way to realistically grab objects, regardless of their shape. The demo scenario includes teleport, weapons, a button, a lever, and a valve.

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The product gives you access to our support using a Discord channel.

We will keep adding and improving features, taking into account your suggestions in the discord channel.

The hands are done with physics, which means that the hands don’t go through the objects and change their behaviour when grabbing an object depending on its mass.

The main component of our product is the 'Grab'. You just need to add it to any physical actor you want the hands to grab. It has different options:

Grab mode:

  • Automatic: The hand will move and adapt the fingers to the object.
  • Socket: The hand will move to a predefined hand pose based on socket.
  • Both: The hand uses automatic option unless it is on a predefined distance from the socket. Once the hand is in the predefined distance, it automatically goes to the socket option. To do that, you have the “distance” option.

Number of hands:

  • One hand: Only one hand can grab the actor at the same time
  • Two hands: You can grab the actor with two hands

Constraint Force: It regulates the force, the grabbing will endure before the hand releases it

  • You can combine all options! 

기술적 세부사항


  •  Component Grab
  • Component Teleport
  • Component Weapon
  • Component Outline

Number of Blueprints: 149

Input: Oculus,Steam

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation: You can ask for further support on our discord channel

More Info:

Component Teleport: Will make the player able to teleport to the mesh if it has the predefined slope and there are no blocking objects. If that happens it will teleport to the nearest valid position.

Component Weapon: If you add this to an actor you will have access to the 'fire' events. A “fire” event is activated when the user grabs a socket called 'fire' and presses a trigger. 

Component Outline: If the grab component is added to an actor, an outline will be created when the hand grabs it. The component has two options: size and color of the outline. 

In the button there is a blueprint that can be used on other actors. The blueprint changes the pose of the hand when it enters a collision. This makes it easier to press and lets the user know they can interact with it.

The demo includes a valve, a button, a lever, a door, weapons and different objects. 

The chicken, sword,bread,hand and the teleport line models are a modified version of the epic content examples