BloomX : HDR Bloom Kernel Textures

MZStudio - 特效 - 2022/06/16

Convolutional kernel textures for Post Process Volume

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    4.27, 5.0 - 5.1
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Different light sources, lenses, and environmental conditions produce different forms of flares, which can significantly increase the visual impact of the picture, and sometimes bring a specific atmosphere.

This package provides some common lens flare shapes and some creative patterns to make your light source look more realistic or interesting. You can apply them to all kinds of emissive lights, like stars, sun, moon, streetlights, car lights, particles, lasers, etc...

Quick guide and walkthrough video :

There are 42 HDR 32bit 2048x2048 textures in total, include:

  • 22 base pattern
  • 14 complex pattern
  • 6 special pattern

Usage Tips:

  • Just change your Post Process Volume's bloom method to "convolution" and set "Convolution Kernel" to one of these kernel textures.
  • Adjust scale and boost parameters to the look you want. 
  • UE5 has an additional parameter called "Convolution Scatter Dispersion", it allows you adjust bloom intensity more dynamically.
  • Distant lights may not work very well when your project is using TAA, you can change "Anti-Aliasing method" to "FXAA" in project settings. 
  • Check out the overview and demo map to see the thumbnails and results.



  • Finely tuned brightness value in 32 bit
  • Different kinds of textures for different scenarios
  • Several Niagara systems and blueprints to clearly show the effects

Number of Textures: 42