Checkers Game Multiplayer

Gonrizard - 2021/06/13

Classic Checkers Game Example!

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  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.26 - 4.27
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What is Checkers Game Multiplayer?

Checkers Game Multiplayer is an example of the classic checkers game for Unreal Engine 4. Play, send quick chat, have fun or immerse yourself in the project to find out how I created it!

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Video Preview

Windows Demo




  • Multiplayer Support
  • Quick Chat System
  • Give Up System
  • Draw Offer System
  • Countdown
  • Time to Play
  • Highlight Pieces that can Move
  • Valid Move Indicator
  • Player & Opponent UI
  • Turn Notification
  • Animated Widgets
  • Main Menu
  • Matchmaking
  • End Match Result

Number of Blueprints: 39

Input: Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Note: This is not a full Game.

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