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DYLO Gaming - 蓝图 - 2023/03/26

"AAA" dialogue system you can add to your project in a minute. It's the easiest dialogue asset to use than any other one on the Unreal Marketplace!

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📃 Documentation V1.5 (V 1.0)

🎥 Tutorial | Update 1.5

👾 Discord

🌠 Update 1.5 Out Now - 4.13.23 🌠

  • Conditions (Shops, Quests)
  • Text Icon decorators
  • UI presets
  • Custom event nodes to allow user to update dialogue characteristics from other blueprints
  • More examples

🚧 Planned Updates 🚧

  • Movable NPCs (they currently are all stationary, but I want them to have basic mobility, actions, and have dialogue adjust accordingly)
  • More functions to use from outside blueprints. I'm working on a demo reel and I'm creating a lot of them as I realize there are plenty of actions that would be useful

Last updated- 4/15/2023

💸 Why should you buy my asset? 💸

Every game needs dialogue. Be it spoken, typed, or narrated. This asset gives you a fully fleshed out dialogue system that can be as simple or complex as you want, but easier to integrate and use than any other asset.

Other dialogue assets require painstakingly large amounts of time to learn, and to get working the way you want. Then, they don't even work with mouse. keyboard, and gamepad out of the box.

This one does 😏👌🏻

Not only that, but I also include an example of how you can use this asset to trigger an event to happen. So I didn't just throw it together and leave you to figure out how to get it to work. I designed this with the objective of making YOUR development process as easy as possible. Making videogames should NOT be as hard as it is, and I am doing my part to make sure it's quick, easy, and effective.

Buying my asset will not only help save you time, but you'll help me continue pumping out more products just like this one to help you finish your projects faster.

💭 FAQ 💭

Q: How 'beginner-friendly' is this?

A: Incredibly. I designed it with the intent of it being the easiest asset to use so you can easily change between dialogue texts on the fly, without getting lost going back and forth between structs, menus, data-tables, and all that mumbo jumbo

Q: Can I include dialogue audio? 🗣

A: Yes, under the "Extra Settings" variable, there is an option to drag in sound files. It is also already set up so that audio will not overlap from one branch to another for the same speaker

Q: What's included?

A: The dialogue system, sound effects, 7 animations, icons

Q: What will future updates include?

A: More animations, sound effects, example blueprints. I'm also planning on adding a simple drop-down for you to select that will flip between a series of fully decorated UI. I haven't included any of the features I want to include because this alone has taken up a large amount of time to build

❗ Important ❗

When using your own Rich Text, ensure that your tags do not exceed '2' characters, ie. <DG>, or else there will be errors. I will eventually fix it so that all sizes will work

👾 Bugs 👾

There shouldn't be any bugs in the current state, but if you find any, just let me know and I'll take care of 'em! :)



  •  Dialogue system using player choices or a singular continue progression
  •  Customizable settings
  •  Game-ready UI and SFX
  • Animations
  • Icons

📘 Number of Blueprints: 1 Component, 3 Widgets, 1 Blueprint Interaction Ring. 1 Character Blueprint has nodes you copy/paste into your own character. Other blueprints are for demo/showcase purposes

🎮 Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

🌎 Network Replicated: No (Shouldn't be too hard to add)

🖥 Supported Development Platforms: PC, MAC, Consoles

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

📃 Documentation