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Medieval knight Killed

StudioDevis3D - 道具 - 2022/12/09

Various scenes of a medieval knight killed to show along a path or route, also after a battle.

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    5.1 - 5.3
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This product supports Nanite and use lumen and it is not prepared for light maps.

This pack is part of and is included in the complete package of:

Bridge hell


  • Connect the Virtual HeightField Mesh plugin if you want to use the included level or your Landscape material.
  • Attention: This pack does not use light maps and each object does not have a UV configured for that purpose.
  • Connect Virtual Texture in project setting its corresponding box.
  • This pack is mainly based with Nanite enabled.

Medieval Knight includes a character without no rigging or animations set up in individual scenes via Blueprints.

In the Blueprints you can find various configuration options of the scenes such as remove fire, smoke, change the torso material, hide rocks from the scene or other objects, etc. All with an easy and simple handling

Objects can be mixed with Lancscape material by connecting Virtual Heightfield Mesh already prepared and correctly configured for a perfect mix.

This pack is all included in the complete Bridge Hell pack.



  •  8 Blueprints assembly with optional configurations on each one
  •  Included Landscape material with interactive foliage
  • 2 Levels.
  •  7 Foliage
  • 8 Rocks
  • Landscape configured with Virtual Texture and Virtual Heightfield Mesh. (You can add your textures to the Landscape material)
  • The medieval Knight character is delivered in semi A pose without rigging or animations.


Collision: Yes, automatically generated, and per-poly

Vertex Count: 160.931

Niagara Fx: 7

LODs: yes

Materials: 10 and 2 landscape materials.

Material Functions: 3

Parameter Collection: 1

Material Instances: 81

Number of Textures: 99 and 4 Virtual Texture

Texture Resolutions: 256 to 4096x4096

Windows: yes test

Mac: No test.