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VINZI - 代码插件 - 2023/01/24

UE Photo Studio Digital Twin + Easy Render Interface + Turntable + 360 Camera

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    5.0 - 5.1
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MetaShoot™ is a digital twin of a photo studio, developed as a plugin for Unreal Engine that gives any creator the ability to produce highly realistic renders in the easiest and quickest way.

*It includes a 1-click Render system for all your projects! No more Level Sequences or Render Queues!

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MetaShoot includes lighting and render presets, a simplified render interface, a 360 Camera / HDRI Maker, and 14 ultra-realistic interactive assets to create your own virtual photo studio.

On top of the hyper-realistic lighting assets and environments, MetaShoot™ is all about simplicity. One single click on the Render button automatically renders all the selected cameras, without having to create Level Sequences, adjust settings or use the Movie Render Queue at all.

Just one click.

In the past, HDRIs have been used to mimic realistic lighting in rendering. With MetaShoot, lights behave in a physical way - the diffusers of the softboxes light up according to the intensity of the light inside them, giving the scene hyper-real reflections and accurate lighting distribution - everything in a 3D space instead of a flat projection thanks to Unreal Engine's raytracing.

All the assets and the render interface can be used in any project and scene, not only in MetaShoot environments. The one-click render button can be used in any project to create instant high quality renders of it. No more having to create a unique Level Sequence for every single render.

It also comes with 3 extra buttons to run console commands that experienced users usually have to type in every project: fixing the DOF, fixing the texture streaming pool and fixing instanced meshes in the Path Tracer.

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Support & Contact

MetaShoot Documentation: Download Documentation

Email - metashoot@vinzi.xyz

Discord - MetaShoot's Discord

Terms & Conditions


Version log:

V1.0 - 25/01/2023

  • MetaShoot released!

V1.1 - 30/01/2023

  • Assets - UE 5.1 and above - Target: Tint option added to differentiate multiple targets. Scale is now editable.
  • Assets - UE 5.1 and above - Overhead Lightbank: Tracking Actor added
  • Render - Render Settings Simple: Output Format added. Formats .png, .jpg, .exr and .mov - Apple ProRes are available. Multiple output formats allowed. -Thanks Tim Potocnik for the suggestion of including Apple ProRes.
  • Render - Render Settings Custom: Load your own render settings saved from the Movie Render Queue.

V2.0 - 13/02/2023

  • Runtime UI Beta - UE 5.1 and above - The Studio actor now has an "in-Game UI" checkbox that enables the MetaShoot UI in runtime.
  • Runtime UI Beta - UE 5.1 and above - Allows to spawn assets, apply presets and render in-game/runtime.
  • Runtime UI Beta - UE 5.1 and above - Allows selecting MetaShoot lights in the scene and changing intensity, temperature and color. Dragging them after selecting moves them around the scene.
  • Render Settings - Added Output Directory picker
  • Render Settings - Added "Custom Level Sequence" to render any Level Sequence using MetaShoot's interface.
  • Render Settings - Fixed a bug where renders would always have 16:9 format.
  • Rendering window - UE 5.1 and above - Added custom interface
  • *In UE 5.1.0 the 360 Camera rendered only a black image. UE 5.1.1 fixes this problem.

v2.1 - 25/02/2023 - UE 5.1 and above

  • Softboxes - "Mesh Hidden in Render" checkbox
  • Render Settings - When changing the ratio of the render in Resolution, the selected camera also updates its ratio. Thanks Tom Eagles for inspiring this update.
  • Runtime UI Beta - Axis enabled to move lights in runtime.

v2.2 - 06/03/2023 - UE 5.1 and above

  • Render Settings - Transparent Background and Shadow Pass added
  • UI - Presets - Now you can drag the presets to the studio - Thanks Paul Booth for the UX feedback
  • UI - Render - Fully updated interface with UE's UI

v2.3 - 25/03/2023 - UE 5.1 and above

  • MAC - MetaShoot is now compatible with Mac!
  • Overhead Lightbank - "Mesh Hidden in Render" checkbox.
  • User - Reset password is now available.
  • Render Settings - Custom Quality option available - Custom spatial and temporal samples.
  • Presets - Save and Load your own presets!

*The 3D models showcased in the trailer and marketing images are not included in MetaShoot. All the lighting and studio assets are included.



  •  Interactive Photo Studio
  • One-click Render System
  •  Simplified Render Interface
  •  8 different lights and softboxes
  • Live-updated tripod and scissor support
  • DSLR camera
  • 360 camera
  • Turntable
  • Target tracking system for cameras and lights
  • 8 lighting and studio presets
  • Customizable cyclorama

Code Modules:

  •  MetaShoot, Runtime
  •  MetaShootEditor, Editor

Number of Blueprints: 24

Number of C++ Classes: 15

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win-64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win-64

Documentation: https://metashoot.vinzi.xyz/

Important/Additional Notes: Movie Render Queue and Additional Render Passes must be enabled in plugins for MetaShoot to work.