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EpiphanyDigital - 代码插件 - 2022/05/23

Project documentation in the Unreal Editor

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  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0
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README is an Unreal plugin intended to make it easier to access project documentation from within the Unreal editor. It can interpret basic markdown syntax and display it in the README editor tab.

Why use it

The README project documentation tool provides quick and easy access to your projects documentation from within the editor. This allows the documentation to be easily accessible without requiring a context switch out of the Unreal Editor and into a Browser etc, it also allows documentation to be included in source control. It is designed to minimize interruptions to the development flow and by having project documentation accessible right there in the editor it will feel like you haven't stopped coding at all.


How to use it

It all starts with a README.md file in the root of your project. From here you can link to other markdown pages within your projects file hierarchy using standard markdown hyperlinks.

Markdown Support

Currently the following markdown tags are supported:


  • Header one      #
  • Header two      ##
  • Header three     ###
  • Header four      ####
  • Header five      #####
  • Header six      ######


  • Bold           **Bold**
  • Italic           _Italic_
  • Bold Italic      _**Bold Italic**_
  • Strike through   ~~StrikeThrough~~
  • Inline code    ```some code```


  • Images           ![Image Title](project/relative/path/to/image.png)
  • Links             [link Title](project/relative/path/to/page.md)
  • Horizontal line      ___

Code Modules:

  •  README (editor)