Variable Access Library

Pixeltale Motion - 5月 10, 2021

Easily access variables of any actor by their name without the need to cast.

  • 支持的平台
  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.25 - 4.26
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This Plugin is fully functioning in UE5 EA. Unfortunately I cannot set it live for this engine version. Simply copy over the plugin folder and rebuild the project from source.

NOTE: I am working on a usage video . A Documentation and Example Project are available!


V 1.2 (current version, released May 28th 2021):

-10 new functions supporting new variable types:

  • Int64
  • Objects
  • Vector 2d
  • IntPoint
  • IntVector

-Updating API to new API for 4.25+ (will remove warnings if compiled by source)

-Add self default reference to all functions

V 1.1 (Released May 13th 2021):

12 new functions supporting new variable types:

  • Name
  • Text
  • String
  • Rotator
  • Transform
  • LinearColor


The library will help you to access variables (listed supported types only) of any actor anywhere in your code by searching for the variable name. The bool return value can be used to check if the desired variable exists.

All functions are widely accessible (in C++ and blueprint)and support also replicated variables.

For calculations with Int & Float by name, functions like Add, Multiply & Divide will help to keep your code clean and accessible.

Set & Math Functions return the new value for easier and cleaner node construction.



  • Set Location of Transform
  • Set Rotation of Transform
  • Set Scale of Transform


  • Set Wildcard Variable [WIP]


  • Get (Wildcard) Array (WIP)
  • Set (Wildcard) Array (WIP)
  • Add/Add Unique to (Wildcard) Array (WIP)
  • Remove from (Wildcard) Array (WIP)

I will support older engine versions if requested.



  • V1.1: Add Support for Int64, Vector2d, IntVector, IntPoint, Object
  • V1.1: Add Support for Transform, Rotator, LinearColor, Name, Text, String
  • V1.0: Support Bool, Byte, Float, Int, Vector
  • Access Variables of any actor, anywhere, by its name
  • Check if desired variables exist (bool return result)
  • Set/Get Functions of all the above supported variable types 
  • Scale Vector Function
  • Math Functions for Float & Int
  • Replicated Variables supported!

Code Modules:

  •  VariableAccessLib (Runtime)

Number of Blueprint Nodes: 40

Number of C++ Classes: 1 (FunctionLibrary)

Network Replicated: Functions are not replicated but can be called on Server or Client for replicated variables.

Supported Development Platforms: PC (Win,Mac)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any

Documentation: Documention (WIP)

Example Project: 4.26

Important/Additional Notes: I will support older engine versions if requested.